Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ten Great Dieting Guidelines for the Holiday Season

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The holidays are considered the most fattening time of the year. This is because we attend parties with high calorie goodie, we have less time to work out, and the stress of the season can contribute to emotional eating habits. Government studies showed that most Americans gain at least one additional pound during the holidays and few of us take it off after the New Year. The good news is there are a few dieting guidelines that may help you avoid adding any unwanted pounds this holiday season.

The first helpful tip is to avoid finger foods at holiday parties. Set yourself a rule that you will only eat foods that require the use of silverware. The average finger food or appetizer at a holiday party is 300 calories, and most of us do not stop ourselves at just one. Cutting these snacks out of the equation will help cut down our caloric intake.

Next, learn how to effectively choose food from a buffet. First, you should cruise the table to find out what options you have. Once you know what is there, you can better select what foods you want. Once you have an item on your plate you are likely to eat it, so make sure you make good selections. Also, try to be last in line because the fattening foods may already be gone.

Another holiday dieting guideline is to be a thoughtful eater. This means do not blindly nibble food just because it is in front of you. Be conscious of what and how much you are eating.

Also, be aware of what you are drinking. Most alcoholic drinks are at least 100 calories per ounce. Try to avoid drinks that contain milk, juice or soda as these are filled with sugars and fats. Instead try wine spritzers or diet soda to quench your thirst. Or alternate your drinks with a glass of water to minimize your consumption.

Another guideline for effective holiday weight loss is to incorporate exercise into your busy schedule. During this hectic time of year it is easy to neglect your work out routine. It’s important that you find creative ways to fit exercise into your holiday schedule.

Another helpful diet tip is to eat before going to the holiday party. You don’t have to eat a full meal and then be unable to eat at all at the festivities, but try having a healthy snack before you attend the event to cut down on your consumption.

Also, offer to bring a vegetable platter to the party. This will insure that there is something healthy there that you know you can enjoy without any feelings of guilt.

In addition, try to avoid mingling by the food trays or buffet tables at holiday parties. You are less likely to snack while you talk if the food it out of your line of vision.

Another helpful hint in your mission to avoid the holiday bulge is to make others aware of your goals. Let friends and family know about your weight loss intentions and they may avoid giving you food as gifts. They will also not force food on you at social gatherings or make you feel guilty for not eating.

The final guideline for holiday dieting is to set realistic expectations. Do not be too hard on yourself if you gain a pound or two; just make a commitment to yourself to make the effort to take off the extra weight after the holiday season.

Following these dieting guidelines during this holiday season can help you avoid gaining additional weight, and prevent you from having to work extra hard in the new year to take it off.


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