Friday, December 13, 2013

Top Eight Diet Tips that Keep the Pounds Off Permanently

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The key to successful weight loss and health is to make small, permanent changes instead of temporary, radical changes.  Temporary, radical changes may result in rapid weight loss, but there are two main reasons why you should aim to lose weight this way: 1) because it’s bad for you heart for your body weight to ‘yo-yo’ and 2) because weight lost in a temporary, radical diet change will come right back as soon as your radical diet is replaced by a more normal diet.  Here, the best ways to keep those pounds off permanently:

1.    Exercise regularly---just like food control, exercise is best done in smaller bouts throughout the week (preferably every day) than in one 2-hour extreme hike on the weekend.  Make exercise a part of your daily life:  bike to work, walk to your lunch spot and make an evening walk your platform for catching up with your family instead of sitting in front of the television. 

2.    Portion control---of course, what you eat affects your weight, but the true key to permanent weight loss is portion control.  If you’re craving chocolate, don’t wait until you’re able to devour an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s, instead, head the craving off at the pass by taking a Hershey’s kiss or two as soon as the craving starts.

3.    Eat more meals---sounds counter-intuitive, but the body stores whatever it does not need.  What happens is if you eat huge portions, some will be put into storage because the body has no use for the onslaught of calories.  Instead of eating one huge meal in the morning and one huge meal at night, try five little meals evenly spaced throughout the day.

4.    Enjoy your food---the modern tendency is to wolf food down, in the car, behind your computer, in front of the television, which does not satisfy us psychologically.  Pay attention, not only to the fact that you’re eating, but notice all the flavors and enjoy them.  By doing this, you won’t feel the impulse to go eat something else just 45 minutes later.

5.    Know your food groups---existing on carbs alone is not good for the body, but neither is cutting them out entirely.  Go for ‘healthy’ carbs—the higher the fiber content, the happier your body will be with it.  Keep track of your carb intake and if you’re convinced that carbs are your worst enemy, try a low-carb diet, not a no-carb diet.

6.    Variety---not only does the body need vitamins and minerals from a wide variety of foods, your body processes variety better than a huge onslaught of one thing.  Instead of having three pancakes or three eggs for breakfast, try one pancake, one egg—with a slice of low-fat cheese, and a small piece of fruit.  All nutritionists agree that breakfast should consist of, at least, one carb, one dairy, and one fruit.

7.    Go to the grocery store!---a lot of modern people eat unhealthily because they rely on takeout because when they arrive home at 7:30, there’s never anything in the fridge---surprise!  Keeping your kitchen stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables and everything in between will deter you from choosing a pizza for dinner or even choosing what you think is a healthy take-out option---usually it’s not.

8.    Small changes---when implementing all of the above, aim for small, permanent lifestyle changes.  Radical changes are usually not assimilated into your true routine.  Aiming for small changes will help you adjust to the changes and you’ll find that you even like the changes if they are small enough to not disturb your entire lifestyle.


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